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Monday, October 19, 2015


The Magic Kingdom! We had the very best time of our whole trip this time at the Magic Kingdom.

It started by taking the car out again. This time to the Polynesian.   The breakfast was at Ohana's.  Lon did not know who was going to show up.

He is entertaining me with another pin skit.

It's STITCH!!!!

and Lilo!

The mouse himself

Pluto still signs on his nose

A boy and a dog

Looking at the waterfall below.

Lon thought we were going to go back to the car and take the bus again.

He said he wanted to ride the monorail. I was able to leave the car in the Polynesian parking lot and we got on the monorail to the Magic Kingdom!

There it is!

We heard about this game called Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. We stopped in at the fire house and got a pack of cards each.  Lon got mine too.  The cards are free. One pack per person

The spun glass castle is gorgeous

With an amazing price.  Our biggest worry was how would we get it home without breaking any bits off.

We met Jessie David and Mila!  The cousins got along very well.  They ran ahead to get in line to see Mary Poppins

Lon had fun meeting her.  Even though this picture doesn't show it very well

We watched the show. Dreams Come True

Aladdin's Magic Carpet ride!

Jungle Cruising

Mickey ice cream sandwich break

Splash Mountain. Always fun.

Getting smashed pennies.

Lunch at Peco's Bills.  The food was good. Lon ate all his kids meal and an order of churros.  Of course we got the Country Bear Jamboree Jugs.

Pirate's of the Caribbean was open again. It had shut earlier for technical difficulties.  We went back to the ride.  The cousins amusing themselves.
We parted ways with our cousins and we went to Fantasy Land.  That is where the instructions said for Lon to go to start his game.

Lon completed one mission in Fantasy Land, we got my popcorn bucket and we went back to the hotel to rest for a little bit before the night's big adventure

Anger for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.

Lon had a great costume.  I received many compliments on mine, that made me feel good.

Getting some ice cream in poison apple mugs before the parade

We had special passes for something called the Hallowishs Dessert Buffet. We got a special place to view the parade, a walk through the back lot and then a dessert buffet and the best place to view the Hallowishs  fireworks.

at our parade viewing spot.  The baseball hat was itchy.

The Parade!!!

Anatasia, or is that Drucilla, told Lon he was such a handsome boy he must be a prince. He could be her prince!
Eyeore stopped earlier and did a fist bump with Lon, but I was not fast enough to capture that.

The buffet. Wonderful stuff and you could go back as many times as you wanted. They also had coffee!

This was our view for the fireworks

I am not exactly sure how they do this, but they light up the castle with different patterns and make it look completely different about every 15 seconds

Fireworks ! Lon went up and watched at the rail. I watched from our table.

Then it was time for rides! We went back down mainstreet and found a locker to stow the backpack. At the Dessert buffet they gave us to souvenir mugs, Crystal skulls, filled with candy.  I did not want to carry the full back pack on the rides.   Lon was cold, so a hoddie was in order.

Our first ride was the teacups!  It was great!  No waiting.

Then we wanted to try the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.  Lon said it was a must do since I was dressed as Snow White.   LOVED the ride. We only waited about 15 minutes for that ride. They have things for you to do while you wait, a gem matching game, a colored water music thing and a place where you spin the barrels of gems to make patterns and dwarfs appear on the ceiling. We were not waiting long enough to take full advantage of those, and we did not complain!  Loved that ride!!!
Lon humored me and we went on Small World. NO waiting at all

Then of course, we had to go over and ride the Haunted Mansion, what Halloween party would be complete without that? Again, no waiting.

By this time it was 11:50 pm and rides were starting to shut down, we were going to try for Big Thunder Mountain but we decided we could not make it that far before it closed for the night.
We got a special Mickey ghost popcorn bucket. We had to ask for them, they had the dog house one out, but Mickey, is the one we wanted.

We watched a little of the Hocus Pocus Show, but Lon was asleep on his feet.
We got the stuff out of the locker and made our way to the bus.  He fell asleep on the bus, and I wish I could have carried him, but I just could not. He was a trooper and walked himself.   He was giggling about cheese wiz to keep awake enough to put one foot in front of the other.
He laid down on the bed and just before he crashed, he said That was the best day.

It really was the best day of our mini trip.

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