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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Leaving Disney, Going Back Home

Monday morning. Lon slept in till about 9:30. I got up, did the last blog and packed up most of the room.  We packed the car, let mouskeeping know the room was vacant and caught the bus to the lobby. It's where the restaurants and shops are!
He is as tired as he looks.

Thinking about how soon we can come back to Disney World.

I hope it is not too long

I got a phone call late that night, about 10:30.

I purchased gas near the Welcome Center for South Carolina.  It seems that the credit card fell out of my pocket at the Welcome Center. A very nice man found the card. He tried to flag me down, but I never looked back as I headed for home. He saw my tag, had my name and spent a good portion of his evening searching for me. He called the bank and told them he found a credit card, but h wanted me to know so I would not be freaked out when I went to use the card.  AMAZING.  I can not thank this man enough.  He was so kind.  I called the bank and we will be getting a new card wednesday.  I am still in amazement.  So nice.
I will check the card every time I get gas and I will check the rearview every time I pull out.

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