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Saturday, October 24, 2015

A Visit from Cousin Debi!

Last night Cousin Debi stopped by on her way back home. It was great seeing her!

We started the day at the Summerville Farmer's Market.

The grits mill.  Fresh ground grits and cornmeal.

I also found that Anson Mills is selling small packages of rice and grits. This is going to be on our Christmas list.

Lon stopped to pet this Newfoundland puppy (yes, it is still a puppy!) and this nice lady tried to give us three cats.  We said no, not at this time!

 Checking out the pumpkins and the witch. It has a motion sensor that made noise when anyone walked by. Lon was trying to figure out where the sensor was located

After the market, we were off to the Fall Festival at St. Theresa's!
Lon is getting tickets for the games

what did I get!?!

Darts. Lon loves to pop the balloons

Flight Sim!  Lon had a blast. He took off well, flew well and then, well, landing is not his strong suit yet.

After the festival, Lon and I went home and Debi, David and Mark went to downtown Charleston.

We met back up for a fun dinner at Kelly's barbecue.  We met up with one of Lon's friends there too and he and Lon talked about boy things during dinner.

Good Day.

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