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Saturday, October 10, 2015

A day of Festivals

Today was a busy day!
We started out by going to the Italian Festival.  There were a few missing things, some people could not get here from where they were.  It was still really fun and a great time!

What fun back drops. We could not decide which one to take a photo in front of, so we did both at once.

There were so many yummy things!

Pizza Time!

We did get a small cannoli, the big ones were three dollars. Not too bad but I like mine better.  
They were making zeppoli, but they were making it out of factory made pizza dough.  Lon thought that was just not right. He says, first you make the ricotta, then you make the batter, then you fry it.  We did not have any of those.

The threat of rain kept a lot of people away.
We had a great time down there. I saw a South Carolina basset hound!  I even got to pet him. It was so nice.
We went over to the Saturday market, and I needed to use the facilities. There was a line, of course. However, this is South Carolina. The line was ladies and gentlemen. There were two restrooms, one labeled for each, but the line was who ever was next used which ever was open. A guy in line behind me asked, so when did we go unisex? A lady replied, we all have to go, and this is how we are going to roll. He said that is cool.  

Then it started to rain, pretty hard actually. We had to go to our next party anyway.  We dropped Dad off at home.   Lon and I were off to the bowling alley.

We had not been bowling in years.

Getting a little better
This one, this one became the first strike of the day!  YAY Lon ! Lon came in second to the birthday boy
There was pizza and cake!

mmm cake!

 Once we got home and relaxed for just a bit, it was time for Grayson's party!
 We love Grayson and his whole family!

Cake! and Pizza!

Adorable photo booth!

Ryan did a ton of work for the party. It was all so wonderful! Everyone had a great time

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