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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Happy Birthday, Ty!

We parted company with Mark, Debi and Dave because Lon and I were going to Ty's birthday party!

Julie did a ton of work! It looked amazing!

There was even a bounce house !!
The boys loved it.


Snack time for all!  There was all the finger food, pizza, pancit and lumpia! Yummy!!

Pin the tail on the pig.  This has something to do with minecraft. I am not sure what.  The boys enjoyed it. Lon did not do well at this one

Julie had put up little emeralds all over the house, with double sided tape. They had to collect them for this game.

Lon won this one with 29 emeralds.

Getting ready for cake!

It was a great party. We had a wonderful time, thank you for inviting us!

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