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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Epcot Madness

I did not make any reservations for character dining this time. I just did not think of it.
Last night, as Lon was going to sleep, he said, Mom can we go to Chef Mickey's I loved that.  I called the reservations desk, open till 11pm.  The man was so nice, we got a reservation for Minnie's Breakfast Beach Bash.   It is over at the Beach Club.
We got turned around leaving our room and came across this view

He is posing, how can you NOT take his picture

I walked over to the car. Mom, where are we going? you said you were not going to take the car till we leave.   It is easier to drive over where we are going to breakfast. Is this another surprise? and how many more are there?

Cool old car at the Beach Club

Looking at the Epcot map while we wait for our table to be ready
Happy Boy with Minnie!

Getting his personal crepe made

Crepes and Bacon. That was the first round, then there was pastry and more bacon, and finally cereal.

The Goofs!

Minnie really thought Lon was cute.

We went back to the hotel, parked the car.  Got on the bus for Epcot. with standing room only on the bus.
Lon had three fast passes picked out. The mission space ride was the first.

We had enough time to take a mickey bar break before the next fast pass!

Test Track!
Lon is designing his car

Lon had a blast. His car scored at 213 out of 225. Did better than almost anyone else!

He used the last fast pass for the Character Spot.  Last time we were here we waited for almost an hour. That was no fun. This time it was about 7 minutes

More Goofy. Can't have too much Goofy.

Minnie loves Lon!

Now it was time to explore the lagoon.

There were so many people, the lines were very very long at any of the snack stands. Lon was getting a little hungry and thirsty. We could not wait for over an hour for a snack, so I took him into France and the line in the Les Halles was not too bad, but it was air conditioned! That helped.

A little chocolate and caramel pick me up! With a bottle of water.  We accidentally left it by the napkins and the lady behind us in line went out of her way to bring it to us. That was so nice.

I had a raspberry and chocolate dessert

Japanese Drums.

We went into Japan. Last time we were here Lon did the pick a pearl and got me two  7 1/4 pearls. We did not have them put into settings then. They just sat in my jewelry box.  I remembered and brought it with me this time. I am glad I waited. They had a cinderella coach cage. It is perfect and that is what I got for them.

Yes the crowds were huge.

Pennies! We got a bunch of smashed pennies. This time I got some for me too. I am thinking of a bracelet to make out of them.

This bird just flew up and perched on the chimney. Some people looked at it and thought it was fake up there.  No, it is a real bird.

The flag twirlers in Italy
Waiting in a line to get a frozen coke Lon says Look Mom!

It's Remey! with some onions.

Lon playing the drums!

Looking at China. We could not get into China. It was too crowded.  We were trying to see some fun things but make our way out.

Norwegian Troll.  We had heard a rumor that everything in Norway was being changed to Frozen.  This is not true I am happy to say.
We stopped and got some lefsa. Yummy !

Lon wanted to go on the ride in Mexico. So we did. It was a nice gentle ride.  We noticed the crowds getting bigger and more rowdy.

we thought about buying some glass stuff we watched them make, but we decided against it. At least for now

I wanted to get the carved silver ring, with Lon's name, but the ring carver was out.

Last picture in Mexico

The food smelled great, the line was very long.

Lon wanted to go on Space Ship Earth. He really enjoys that ride.  He said if it was more than a 15 minute line forget it. It was 10, so we went.
On our way out

Mom, can you make me a lava cake after we get home?

I am glad we did food and wine once. We are not going to do it again. There were so many many people and there were so many people getting rowdy. They were having fun, but it was not for us.

We had dinner at the quick service place in the hotel. It was great. Lon loves his burger and the rice and beans were wonderful! The chicken tacos were good too

Magic Kingdom tomorrow and Lon doesn't know there is another surprise. He said he wanted to ride the monorail.  It will be a surprise for the readers of this blog to find out how I am going to manage that.

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