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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Field Trip To Isle of Palms

This morning was the 5th grade field trip. It was rescheduled because of the flooding.

My group.  These boys are good ones.

Friends on the bus

Isle of Palms.  It was cooler this morning, in the lower 60s.  A good breeze. A great day to be at the beach!

Listening to Ranger Beth.

The first thing the class had to do was build an island. Not just a circle in the sand.  It had to be 3D.  Lon built a volcano

After the class made the waves on only one side of their island, and learned about how sand is moved around the barrier islands, they had to flatten the islands.
Then they were on to the next assignment!

They were going to search for living things
 With a partner a shovel and a sieve.

They had to go out into the wash to find any living things they could. They were not allowed to go out past ankle deep water.  No one did, they all listened

They did not find any living thing. They had fun looking

Learning about food webs.

Then it was time to get their shoes on and go to the park, eat lunch and burn off some energy!

Lining up for the bus.

I did not take Lon home with me after the trip, even though it was about 2pm.  He had recorder class after school.

It was a wonderful day on the beach

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