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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Harbor Cruise

Santa brought us a Historic Charleston Harbor Cruise for Christmas. The cruise was scheduled today at 1:30.
We got there a little early, so we had some time for pictures!
The piling colors were beautiful
The boys played while we waited. It was only 15 minutes!
Our boat, the Carolina Belle
Happy boy underway

The pineapple fountain

Perfect weather for a boat ride
This island used to be full of trees and this is where they hung pirates.  I can not remember the name right now.  I am looking it up.
Fort Sumter

Birds in our wake

What a great day!
After the cruise we went over to Fleet Landing and enjoyed a late lunch, early dinner. Really, we need a word for that. Like brunch. Linner sounds weird.
We watched the Carnival cruise ship depart for the Bahamas.
Then we went home to watch some of the movies Santa brought us for Christmas

Great day!!

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