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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Holiday Lights in Monck's Corner!

Tonight we decided to visit the drive through light display at Old Santee Canal Park. It is sponsored by the Santee Cooper Electric company.
While not as big as Jame's Island, it was still really cool!
I like the way the lights reflect on the ponds
I am going to put up pictures of the lights
without much commentary

If we had a long driveway, this would be cool

I do want to do this in our driveway
we went through the display twice
The leaping alligator was brought to you by the Summerville Pediatric Dentist. This is where Lon goes!
The first pass, the middle of this tree was out. As soon as I snapped this photo, the top 2/3rds went out!!

Dragon flies in the trees!

Bye, come again soon!
From the park we went to Downtown Monck's corner and looked at their light display!

On our way home is a street that takes Christmas lights very seriously!
the door opens and out comes Santaa!!
Yoda says Good night

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