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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

James Island Lights 2014

This afternoon we thought was the perfect day to look at the lights.   We left early thinking there would be traffic, but it was very light.  We got to the park before the park opened.  We had to wait in a line. It was a great thing ! We got to take photos of Lon with the light displays. Something we had never had the chance to do before
This year was the 25th year of the lights!  They had a special commemorative book made, and yes, we did get one.
Lon is not actually touching the lights.

We are moving! We were the 10th car in line, It was not a long wait. I think we will do it this way again next year!
Our first pass around
This year I think we got a good photo of the shrimp boat.

We stopped at Winter Wonderland. Parking was great. The only sad part was Santa was not going to show up for another hour.   We did not get a Santa photo this year. We were both disappointed. But it is okay. We will get one next year.
The carousel
Again, Lon is not actually touching the lights.
 He thought it would look cool if he was petting a deer
The back of the sand sculpture
The front of the sand sculpture

Finally, S'more time!
wait, what?  We did not know Jack would be here too! He was in a car a few ahead of us.
Munching on s'mores !
Above the gift shop, Santa in lights about to go down the chimney
We did three passes around the park.
These are the photos we took!

I am not posting all the photos I took.
But a good sample of them!

I am thinking of how we can do this over our tiny driveway

This tree is the one that was chosen for the 25th anniversary ornament.
It is so pretty in person.
It was a great time.
Looking forward to doing it again next year!

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