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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Kids Tour at the Museum

I got an email from the Charleston Museum on Tuesday with a little blurb on a kids tour at 3:30 on Wednesday. I called and they had room. There were not many details. Just crafts being done.
We made great time to the museum, straight from school. Lon was burning off some energy in the courtyard
There were crafts, while they were fun, they were not historical.  More Oriental Trading than Colonial.
Lon enjoyed doing them.
Then we went upstairs to the Kidstory section, to decorate the Little Heywood Washington House.

Lon thought a wreath over the front door would look great
and it did
Since most of the kids were decorating the tree and the inside of the little house, Lon thought it would be a good idea to decorate outside.
They had a few adults who were in charge of tape.
Jingle bells on each side of the windows.
We had fun.

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