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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Parade 2014

Today was the Christmas Parade! Such a fun event. This is one of the larger Christmas parades in the South. It took almost an hour and a half to march down the street! This year we were smart and brought chairs.
The start of the parade
The Summerville High School Marching Band was the first band in the parade. There were three or four others too.
Not sure what this float was for, but I liked the Moa
I was not sure who this guy was supposed to be or why.
Lon's cub scout pack.   Lon wanted to see the parade this year, so he did not march with them. He had never seen a Christmas Parade before
There was a lot I did not understand in this parade.
Vintage car clubs were there too
Saluting the veterans

And the Hunley
A local church that meets at the movie theater, had two snow machines.
Our neighbors!
This is getting fun when we know people and we see them around town
The River Dogs Baseball Team Mascot!
He did give Lon a big hug and ruffle his hair,
but I missed that shot.
A minion and a major award!
This is for kids looking for host families in an international exchange program.  They worked hard on the car!
Santa ended the parade.
It was a great parade. Lots of fun.

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