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Thursday, December 04, 2014

Another Scout Update!

Today I took Scout to visit the Vet.  This was a pre-op appointment for tomorrow's big day!

He is not amused at being in the carrier.
He went into it well enough, no big fights, but he was not pleased
After he had been weighed, he was free to explore the office
He weighs in at 5.15 pounds
They are thinking is about 4 months old.
He has permanent incisors but baby fangs. The vet was amused by that and kept saying baby fang!
They all thought he was beautiful. Well, cause he is.
Everything else checked out perfect, good heart, good lungs, pretty eyes, clear ears ! No other critters living on or in him.
There were all sorts of things to sniff

Is someone coming?
They were. They gave me the estimate on his surgery. Scheduled for tomorrow morning.
This will give him almost three weeks to recover before his bath! We want him to be clean and sparkly for Christmas!

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