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Sunday, December 07, 2014

Putting Up The Tree

Today was the perfect day to put up the tree!
Scout is so happy! He is thinking about what kind of mischief he can create

Can you spot his tiny legs as he pulls himself into the tree?

This is so cool from every angle
Lon sorts the ornaments
These are mine.  all mine. forever mine. Until I say otherwise.
These are the old magic ornaments that were plugged into a light string. Before LED lights.  I had an old light string, so Lon and I put them on it and put them on the mantel. Pictures will come once the mantel is all finished
Lon hangs up the unbreakable ornaments on the bottom of the tree.  We can hope that Scout will get bored with the whole idea of playing in the tree.
Once the tree is all finished I will post pictures.

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