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Monday, June 30, 2014

Happy Ninth Birthday, Lon!

Hard for the Mommy and Daddy to believe, but Lon turned NINE today.  He is such a wonderful boy!
Our day started out with Godfather taking Lon to Hillyers Tackle Shop to pick out some tackle for Lon.  Lon is so excited to get real fishing equipment.
His own tackle box!
Picking out some new tackle!
Only the best stuff for Lon! A red tackle box too!
We then went to the Old Lyme Beach Club. We had a wonderful lunch.  Lon was ready to go into the water while we were still finishing our lunch.
The mask and snorkel were an early birthday present
Finally into the water.  Lon was having a blast using the boogie board
Hmmm, I wonder what Daddy is thinking...
There ya go
Lon did not want to adorn himself with seaweed
Mark looks good in a seaweed wig
Dragging Godfather back into the water!
Things to do! Places to go!

Found some trucks in the toy closet! What a great feature to have at a beach club!
The view from Mama's chair

we cleaned up and went back to Grammalyn's house
There were PRESENTS!
But first we had to have pizza from Illanos, they had the fresh basil Lon wanted on his pepperoni pizza!
And cake! Yes, it was a store bought cake, but it was not bad
Then we made him wait till everyone was assembled in the living room. Lon's new tackle box is in the presents pile!
FINALLY -- he gets to open his presents ! I have heard there are presents waiting for him at home!
He had a great time opening his gifts.  He fell asleep on the couch, he had a super busy day. It was a good day to turn nine!

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