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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

On to Connecticut!

Today was the day we were to leave Bethlehem.
We checked out of our hotel
We went over to Godmother's house and then we were all off to the Steel Stacks. They have taken the old Bethlehem Steel plant and are starting to rejuvenate it. There is a casino, and out let shops.
This is also were the watch party is happening for the world cup!
As we were crossing from the parking lot to the shops, Lon saw a tiny bunny!
SO cute
The PEEPS store!  This was our destination! Peeps and Mike & Ikes! Yummy.
We all got some fun things, Daddy even got a t-shirt!
Cookie Break with Daddy.
Godmother and I went to go look for some new clothes!
We found some !

As we drove out we looked at more of the old plant
This is the oldest part of the plant. It was built in the 1830s or 1850s ( I will double check and make it right)
Our lunch spot was the Borderline Diner. Lon ate all his fish, and some of his cake. I had a Gyro. That was wonderful
Back at Godmother's to get the water cups filled, so we could be on our way.
Lon got a coin from Peru!   How cool is that!
Almost a good picture...
There! This is a good one!
Lon was having so much fun
We drove up through Stroudsburg, PA. Such a pretty little town
We drove up through the Delaware Gap National Park. It was so pretty.

At Matamoras, PA we stopped at the Pennsylvania welcome station!
Lon found a cool diorama
An explanation of what the diorama was all about
The Delaware River

We made it to Niantic just in time for dinner. Dinner for Daddy was, of course, a lobster!
Teasing Lon with some lobster claw meat!
It was a good day, a nice car ride!

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