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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Valley Forge

We had a choice to make for today's adventure.  Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Gettysburg, or Valley Forge.  We picked the one that we have not been to yet, and was a little easier than going to a city.
Getting ready to have some fun!
We started at the Visitor's Center. Built in 1976. It is a wonderful place.
Lon and a volunteer talking about how they built the earthworks.  The dioramas always catch Lon's attention!
The big boys left to go on a hike. Godmother, me and Lon stayed so Lon could work on his Jr. Ranger badge. He got the booklet and only had 4 items to complete. No ranger talk, movie or hike required for this one!
The Ranger checking over his work.
I had her stamp and date it too, in case we lost the badge. I have been super glueing them closed. We need to get some more of that!
We then made a quick pass in the gift shop, they had a smashed penny machine, silver charms, books and Christmas ornaments. Everything we like!   We are still trying to get Lon a little ornament from his travels.  I had to get a new National Parks Passport book for his stamps. The last one was full, except for the southwest!
On our way back to the car to drop off our stuff, they had a lady telling stories. We sat down and listened. She needed a volunteer. Lon jumped right up!  She wanted him to be the cow, Bessie. We changed the name to the cow Bossy. He had a great time being a cow. He made cow noises, he followed directions. It was so funny.  He got a certificate from her for being in her story. We stayed for one more, but no one needed to participate in that one.
The big boys had somehow slipped by us and were back in the Visitor's Center. So back we went. Everyone looked around a little more at the exhibits
Lon found a kiosk that would tell you if your ancestor was at Valley Forge. Daddy was helping Lon with some names.  There might actually be an ancestor of Mark's that was there!
Face in the hole! We love those. They also had a lady but Lon did not want to do that one!
We all went back to the car and drove up to the replica enlisted men's cabins.
12 men lived and slept in each cabin.
The inside. They used straw for bedding
There was one cabin open to go look around in. Lon got up on the third bunk!
The only re enactor we saw today!
A constant battle for the unkeep of the cabins!

Going to check out a cannon!
Our next stop was the arch. It was built in 1917, about the same time as the one in Gettysburg.

We drove around the statue of Mad Anthony Wayne
And the monument to the Unknown Soldiers
Near Washington's Headquarters.
A train station! It was an actual working train station into the 1980s bringing people into the park.
Now they have exhibits inside, about the station, the park and Washington's Headquarters

Checking out the Spring House.
The cabins behind were for guards
Washington's Headquarters.  25 people lived in that building.  The small wing, is the kitchen, not living quarters.
On our walk over to the house, they had this statue
Valley Creek. The orange day lillys reminded me of Grandmother.  They were growing wild by the creek.
Lon checking out a bedroom on the second floor
 By the oven
Checking out the creek
Racing up the stairs !  Daddy does not let Lon win, so when Lon does beat him one day he will have really beaten him!
We had heard there were lots of deer in the park, but until we were on our way out we did not see any! They just showed up to say goodbye to us!
Goodbye Valley Forge, it was a wonderful day. Not too hot, not to crowded, we had a great time!

By then we were all hungry! We drove by a pizza place. Sure we will give it a try. I am glad we did. It is called Franzone's in Bridgeport PA. The size of the order was HUGE. I split a stomboli with Godmother and we only ate half!  Lon ordered two slices of pepperoni pizza thinking they were the size he usually gets, but he could only finish one. He did eat all the pepperoni off the second slice.  It was a great meal.  Nice place, nice people and Lon and I even won four dollars on a scratch off lottery ticket!
We got back to the hotel to have some pool time. Lon was having a great time, till it started to rain.
The rain did not wash away the drawing of Kael the dog that Lon made at Godmothers!
Cuddling with Godmother. We were all watching the USA play Portugal in the World Cup. Lon is sort of watching. It was an amazing game.
It was a wonderful day.

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