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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Fish On!

Today, one of Lon's fondest wishes came true! He got to fish! For real fish!
Godfather, this is my fishing pole. It has never been opened. Godfather Damian said that he learned to fish on the same rod and reel. A 404.
Finally out of the package! Lon is looking at the tackle that came with the fishing pole.
Learning to cast in the backyard. Lon caught the tree a couple times,.
They dug up a bucket of worms and they were ready to go try to catch a fish.

Before we left for the lake, we looked around the gardens and the back yard. Lon found the coolest bamboo pole. It was not too tall, so we told him he could keep it.
It had a jagged edge, so Godfather fixed it.
Lon is thrilled with his new stick
Did a little exploring of Uncas Lake.
What the boys were looking at
Godfather baiting the hook for the first time. Godfather gave Lon that amazing fishing vest. Lon will grow into it.
Godfather is staying close while Lon is learning to cast.
Lon's first fish! On his first cast!  Look at that smile!
Getting more confidence to cast by himself.
He would still hook weeds, but he was getting better
Getting a new worm.  At first he would not touch them, but this whole fishing thing is just too much fun!
Fisher boy
Another sun fish!
Lon said he wanted to catch 5 fish
Learning to take the hook out. It was all catch and release today

removing the hook from another fish ! That makes four
Baiting his own hook!

Gotta get another worm
That makes 5.
Lon met his goal for the day! WOW
As Lon kept trying his confidence level
increased. He kept doing better and better
with his casting.   He kept interested in it, and he
wants to fish again soon.
Next time we bring a change of clothes and a couple of plastic
bags for clothes and shoes.
He went home dressed only in the orange fishing vest.
I did get a photo of  that but he asked me, please, don't
post that Mom!
He very much enjoyed himself.  He is going to get a real
tackle box and some tackle for his birthday

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