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Monday, June 23, 2014

Hershey Chocolate World

Today Godmother, Lon and I ventured to Hershey Chocolate World.   It is not the amusement park, but the chocolate making side of the park
Sorry about the other car in the photo!
The iconic light posts do exist!
Lon is not sure what to expect!
We had to go on the chocolate tour! You get a free chocolate at the end, and a photo op!
The singing cows.
The amount of chocolates produced today!
Well, at least by around noon
This is our photo from the ride.  We had to go a second time on the ride because we had someone in the seats behind us who thought it would be funny to make rude hand gestures at the camera.  It really was not funny at all.
It was time to get some lunch. Lon tried the pizza but it was not so good.  We gave him some of the hot dogs we got. They were good.  We also each got a souvenir cold cup.
Near the kisses section of the store is a game. It reacts to your body movements.  Lon had fun sending the kisses flying around.
Then it was time to get creative!  We had walked around and seen all the candy for sale, all the other fun things, we even bought a few things!  Our time on the ticket was at hand!   We had heard good things about making our own chocolate bars!
They first give you a little apron. Even though they are disposable, we kept ours and brought them home
Ready to find out what this is all about! Hair coverings were required for everyone!
Picking out his ingredients. You have a choice of what type of chocolate, 6 different ingredients you can add. These vary from time to time so you can go again on a later date and make something different.
You can also add sprinkles or not. Lon still feels sprinkles are a key ingredient.
As your bar moves down the belt, it tells you it is yours and what the items it is adding
Once our bar was done and in the cooling tunnel, we had to design our label. It was so much fun. You can do as much or as little as you like.
This board tells you how much time you have left to wait till your chocolate bar is ready to be picked up with the label you designed!
This was my label. I did not send Lon's label out to facebook land. I will have to scan it in and post it here soon.
Waiting and watching
They put your bar into a metal box, and wrap the label you design around the outside. It is a nice keepsake.   It is not  inexpensive to do this, but it is so much fun!  Way more fun that it should be!!
Then it was time to go back to the house. We had spent more time in Hershey Chocolate World then we planned.  We had a great time.

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