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Saturday, June 07, 2014

Mepkin Abbey with Grandma!

Grandma arrived last night!  Yay Grandma! She brought Grandpa Andy with her too!
We started off our day at the Knights of Columbus breakfast at Applebees.  It as good, and a nice turn out.
Our next stop was Mepkin Abbey.  Grandma had not been out there, so we thought we would show her!

In the contemplative garden

What are you looking at Lon?
A black cricket with yellow racing stripes
Maybe we could take him home? We let him go!

I love cardinals
One of the fallen log carvings.
lizards. Lon still loves lizards
This was the front yard of the original plantation.
Can you find the squirrel?
Daddy showing Lon a magnolia flower
It was a fun day. We went home, built a shelf for Lon. Grilled steaks, had the neighbors over. The boys used every squirt gun and water pistol they could find.  Had a wonderful time getting soaking wet!

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