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Saturday, April 02, 2016

Day Trippin

This was the first day of spring break we did not have something important in the afternoon or evening!  I felt the need for a road trip!
We had read about Lego Sculptures at the Brookgreen Gardens Zoo. The last time we were at Brookgreen Gardens it was so cold, we did not go to the Zoo

Our first stop was the Disney Outlet. It was a bit out of our way, but it was closest Disney we can get!

Lon got a Zootopia toy!

Some of the fun things you can see in a tourist beach town.

We stopped for lunch at a place we went to last time, The Inlet. It was Murell's Inlet.  It is a good place with great service. This time it was warm enough to eat outside!

Brookgreen Gardens. SO amazingly beautiful.  ( I did a little color enhancement, however, it really is this beautiful)

The first Lego sculpture.  ALL  of it was made of Lego.

We saw a Monarch butterfly on the flower right under the sculpture. We thought that was really wonderful

Every sculpture has a sign that tells you about the creature done up in Lego and how many bricks it took to build the art

Into the zoo!

There are 12 different sculptures.

I will share them all with you!

If you look closely you can see two lizards on the dragonfly's nose.

A swan and Spanish goats.


It amazes me that even though this one you can get close to, it is still labeled a piece of art. There were kids trying to break bits off.  And their parents were just watching them.   I did say something to one kid. His mother glared at me.   Lon knows that is not good to break things that are not yours.

  A great horned owl.  All the birds are rescue birds that can not be released into the wild for a variety of reasons.

 This is the signature Lego piece

It is 6 feet tall

SO beautiful.

They do hide well

Love this turtle.

The turtle was next to the alligators.

You don't see the smaller lady gator since the gentleman is SO big!

He was HUGE

we stopped to take a photo with the alligator sculpture.

As we started moving down the path, a golf cart came up and stopped near the alligators.  This could only mean one thing!

Feeding time!

They were so lazy they did not really even go after this chickens. They caught a couple, only if they were thrown directly at their mouths.   I could not believe the keeper got in the enclosure with them. She did have a prod with her, just in case, but these guys were not moving!

We watched the river otters play for a very long time.

 I am trying to sleep here!

Not only did they have the river enclosure, they had a pool area enclosed so people could watch even more play.  There were two more river otters in that area, they could move from area to area.  It was so much fun to watch.

Back to finding Legos

there were lots of different bee Lego sculptures,  there were also lots of real bees. They had a couple hives around the zoo.  it was pretty cool to see them.


Inside the aviary

reading about what birds were inside

Corn Spider

We have seen almost all the Legos. Now we are hunting for the last  installations!

Love the dogwoods

The deer family

 SO many Legos !


Ducks relaxing in the shade of the peacock

a close up of the Peacock!

This little waterfall, the ducks would walk up. Just like kids walking up a slide. This little duck almost lost his balance so he had to wiggle his wings so he would not fall backward.

we could hear the turkeys all over the zoo

I think this is the largest Lego display

The people are life size!

In the play area on the way out

I love Chainsaw bears

One of my favorite sculptures

We found the last Lego!

This one is the smallest

Since it is small, the Lego was in a glass case


 We saw two patches of Tulips on the way out

Goodbye Brookgreen Gardens!

Till next time.

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