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Saturday, April 02, 2016

Another Flowertown Festival in the Rain

Last year, our first Flowertown Festival it was also raining.    This year was not so bad, at least while we were there.  Mark was able to take Friday off so we could enjoy the first day of the Flowertown Festival before it got too crazy on Saturday.

A little sprinkles now and then, but no downpours

The vendors were mostly ready for the rain.  We loved these little wooden toys.  Sadly, Lon has pretty much out grown them

These wooden vikings reminded me of the tiny viking statue in Poulsbo!

Really, Kid?

Lon got a pizza snack

We tried the food at Yakitori.  The owner let us try a Japanese curried meatball.  I bought some shrimp and a slice of grilled zucchini. She threw in some rice, since we really needed the rice to make it taste great!  We are going to have to make time to go to dinner there!

The Boeing booth. Had to stop there are talk The paper airplanes were not able to be flown in the drizzle.

I found the new shades for the kitchen. These are hand blown.   I like these so much better than what we have!

There was also yard art.

Time for donuts!

The chocolate stuff on top really made them the best!

Always get these pictures!

After walking the whole festival, we were hungry and I needed a someplace to sit down! We went back to Sushi 201.

Mark's Japanese Roll.

Counting the train cars. There were only 86.

It was a very fun day.

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