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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Walterboro Wings and Wheels

 On Saturday we went to Walterboro to check out the little airshow.  It was a gorgeous day!

Checking out the planes.

There were some planes coming in so we went to check out the wheels part of the show!

This old fire truck is being restored!

A 1969  Cougar!   I had to tell Lon the story of his grandfather's car catching fire at the Coast Guard Base Guard Gate in Mobile.   As I was telling this story, I was not loud, a couple people stared at me.

I had never heard of a Dodge Wayfarer before and now I am pretty sure this is my dream car.

These are pretty cool cars!

Back to the planes! Lon was able to get a peek inside this Italian Plane!   It was amazing!

Checking out the Stearman.   They were offering rides, but it was 115 per person for a 10/15 minutes trip over Walterboro.  We gave that a pass.  At least this time.

The Stearman lifting up into the air

Pretty little red plane

Lon liked this one

Lon looked at me and said, Mom, we really need a dog and a plane.  Yes, yes we do.

The Stearman coming in

Another pretty little plane

This was the last plane we saw land.  The show was small, We did see some very fun planes!

On the way home, we saw this random funnel cake stand.  There was no fair or any festival anywhere near this stand.

We had a fun day!

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