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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Quiz Bowl

Earlier this year, Lon signed up for Quiz Bowl, an after school club.  There were 4 spots open for the team competition, with one alternate.  Everyone worked very hard.  Lon was selected for alternate.   I was very proud of him. He kept going to every practice.
Today was the competition.

The first step was to go out for the written test. ! Lon was required to participate in that.

While Lon was not able to be part of the buzzer round, he was part of the team. The team that came in second ! By ONE point. A combination of the written scores  and the buzzer round.

This means we get to come back to play against the first place team, Flowertown.  Only the top two teams compete.

One judge was going to award them the second place trophies, but there was some mis communication.  The trophies get passed out on Thursday night, after the championships!

There were two trophies passed out, the highest written score and the highest buzzer score. Autzen won the highest buzzer score!

It was very fun watching all the teams compete. It was great that Spann is going on for the championship round!

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