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Monday, April 11, 2016


This past weekend was the Camperall. All the packs and troops in the Coastal Carolina Scouts were invited to attend.   It was held at Boone Hall.  Last year was at Patriot's Point.
Lon did this camp out without any parents.  I came over on Saturday to see what the activities they were doing for STEM.

The first table they all went to was the Lego table.  A new company called Bricks 4 Kidz.

Lon building something new out of the parts on the table.

Lon wanted me to take a picture of his creation so we could remember it

Learning about Binary code. He was able to make a bracelet with white and black beads that spelled his name in binary!  How cool!

Checking out the Coast Guard Boat

This game was called Gaga ball. Only one kid can touch the ball and if the ball touches anybody else they are out.  They had fun!

Back on the boat

Watching to see where his H2O rocket went!

The Berkley Power presentation. Everything they said, touch a transformer, YOU WILL DIE, touch a power line, YOU WILL DIE, fly a kite and it hits a power line YOU WILL DIE.

we went over and watched the police dog demonstration.  They used Czech commands for the dogs.The dog was fast!

The K9 Unit.

The trebuchet.

We had lunch after this, pizza hut personal pizzas and breadsticks. no drinks though.

playing chess.

Then it was time for Mom to go. Lon had some more camping to do.

He said he had a great time.

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