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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Quiz Bowl Final

Tonight was the Quiz Bowl Final.  Yes, every child was going to get a trophy. This was not a participation trophy, if they could have held the finals at the same time as the first round, there would have been plenty of kids who would have not had a trophy.

Waiting for the start.

Fifth grade was last. There were the top two teams from third and fourth grade from the entire district.

Feeling pretty good at the start

The final score was verified, and it was official ! Spann WON! 260 to 205 against Flowertown.  It was wonderful to win!

As soon as it was announced Lon ran up to congratulate his team mates!  (his mother did not prompt him to do this, he did it on his own)

Happy Team!
 Everyone had to wait for the awards ceremony to start.

Very happy team. They have every right to be proud of themselves!

Trophies are pretty cool

Happy Boy!

A little ice cream and off to bed

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