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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!

There are not many pictures of Easter this year.  I was having fun !

Lon tearing into his Easter Basket. Very light on the candy this year. He got the new Chipmunk movie and the lego architecture space needle! He built it in about 8 minutes.

There were also several books!

Even a collection of his favorite comic

Everything came together well, and I even asked for help.

The only thing that did not work out well was the crockpot scalloped potatoes. I made them before and they were amazing!  I cut my finger pretty good while slicing the spuds and then the  crockpot died in mid cook.  The crockpot is in the trash.

In the background you can see the Easter basket the boys got for me! I was so surprised! It was great! I love it !!

The inside egg hunt. The rain was coming down the kids were all nicely dressed. We hid the eggs through the house.  The kids waited upstairs, while the adults hid the eggs. Everyone had fun with it!

Lon got an Easter present from Auntie Michelle and Uncle Chong!  A very very cool lego He was thrilled with it!

Happy Happy Easter everyone!

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