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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A Day Off From School

Monday was a regularly scheduled teacher inservice day.  I did not want to just hang around the house. It was going to be a gorgeous day!  I first wanted to go to Conagree National Park, but found out it was closed on Monday.  This is the last National Park we have not been to in South Carolina. Tuesday of Spring Break, we are going to the swamp!
But what to do on our day off?  We had not been to Drayton Hall.  Let's GO!

Beautiful Long Driveway!

 The house. They are working on stabilizing the front porch.  It the only porch that is both inset and away from the house.

Lon liked that the tree was growing a new tree inside

walking over to the house

The view from the front of the house

The back of the house

Signs of Spring

The back of the house

Ashley River

The path from the river to the house

Our house tour started at 11:30.  This is the detail of the great room inside the house

Inside the formal dining room. This is the carved plaster ceiling.

A detail of the carved mahogany flowers above each window.  It must have been amazing in it's hey day

They put plexiglass over the marks on the wall for the height of the Drayton children. I love the idea that was saved.

Detail of the fireplace

I like how big the windows are. They let in so much light

This is the narrow winding unlit slave stair case. It winds from the raised basement to the attic.  There are no windows for light. The stairs are very narrow.

The great room ceiling detail.  This is molded and applied plaster

The stair detail.  They sell reproductions of the brackets in the gift shop so you can use them as bookend.
The window and the back door.

The bright orange parts are close to the color that the hand rails used to be.  And the walls were cream, so these would have really popped with color.

In the raised basement. A raised basement is the only way to have one here. These columns have been in the basement for about 200 years or more and they are not going anywhere.   They are not sure why there were moved to the basement, the columns are too short for the porch supports.

The fireplace used for cooking. This is patterned after the English Georgian style, cooking was done downstairs.

The front  gate to the raised basement

Lon had a good time. There were three college girls on our tour and they were talking about walking to the next plantation.  Um, no. That really is not safe.  Narrow road, no shoulder and cars going 60 miles an hour.  I gave them a ride to Magnolia. I hope they got a ride to where ever they were going after that.

Our next stop on Pi day was for pizza pie! It was  lunch.
To round out our day, we went to the movies and saw Zootopia.  Good movie. Looking forward to seeing it again!

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