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Sunday, March 06, 2016

Sheldon Church Ruins

 On Saturday we went on a day trip!
Our first stop was Yamesse and the Le Creuset outlet store!  We got two new pots! YAY!

 We loved the colors all lined up.

Sign post.
There is parking across the road from the ruins. Which keeps people from parking on the narrow sides of the road

Continued on this side of the sign.

This is mainly going to be photos, not many captions.

My first attempt at playing with photoshop. No, I did not crop Lon out, it is a different photo, but I added in more color, made some of the lines sharper.  I am having fun playing with it. There is  a lot I have to learn

You can still see the scorch marks from the burning of the church

Lon was a little creeped out by the graveyard. Mark and I thought it was very interesting.

Lon loves finding lizards. He looks for them every time he goes outside!

The lizards were enjoying the sunshine

In front of the Campbell oak. Named for a long time caretaker of the church

at the base of the tree, it looked like something had made a home, but we declined to stick out hand in and find out for sure

It was a really pretty place.  We will be going back there

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