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Friday, December 18, 2015


I was able to get tickets for the three of us for the 3:50 showing of Star Wars: The Force Awakens!  I told Lon that we would probably see a movie after the last day of school.  Road Chip is in the movie theaters now. SO I said we would go see that.

We got home from school and I had him change. Into a Star Wars shirt. He was still in the dark.

Standing in line, waiting.  Still has no idea we are going to see Star Wars. The people around us played along too. Sometimes, I love people

Playing with Daddy.  Happy, clueless boy.

Our friends were just leaving the theater. They did not give it away either.
It is nice we have lived here long enough that we see people we know when we go out!

In the lobby they had a tree decorated with Star Wars ornaments!  Mark was able to hold our place in line.

Wait, what?
We found our seats, but we wanted popcorn, and jr. mints. Yes, they are good mixed!

Lon wanted to come with me to get popcorn.

As we left for the lobby, Lon overhears someone saying she can't wait to see Star Wars. He looks over, and sees Star Wars, The Force Awakens over the door. He looks at me, and I am taking his picture.  He knows he is seeing Star Wars now.   He tells me this wonderful but he does not like these surprises and that I have WAY too much fun with them. Of course I do, that is why I do them!

These were the special items from our movie theater.
I got Ray, the lady at the popcorn counter said they grey guy. Sure. At that time I had no idea who this was. I am happy we got her.
 I think this is Finn.   At least this is what I am going with.

The movie is about to start.

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away.....

I will not give out any spoilers.  IT WAS AN AMAZING movie. We loved it
Now the count down to May 25, 2017 starts! That is the next installment release date!

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