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Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas Parade !!

This year, Lon decided to be in the parade instead of watching it. We have always seen cub scouts, but we have not seen boy scouts walk by.
 After faith formation, I got Lon some lunch, then I dropped him off at his float, so he could help with the build. I found a wonderful parking spot, walked back up to the parade route, found a wonderful place to watch the parade and set up my chair.

Yes, it is December.

This little guy is waiting with me. !
People are starting to arrive

Summerville High School Marching Band started off the parade !

The mascot and cheerleader from Summerville High School on the vintage fire engine

The Harley riders decorated their bikes.

This was a fun group of people. The Grinch was popular this year as well as a Christmas Story.

The cone hair was also popular. Not sure exactly how then did that.

The Trolley.

A Christmas Story ! The leg lamp had head piece that says It's a major award!

The corvair car club. There were lots of car clubs, jeep clubs and a few Harley clubs too!

These guys were walking the parade route carrying a cinder block above their heads.  They dropped down in front of us and did some push up.  This was for a gym.

Most of the Seratoma kid's football teams had floats, or at least a presence in the parade

There were Princesses but they road on their float


I really liked this jeep. Max is out front!

I am not sure what these bikes were.  The guys looked like they were having lots of fun

Can you see who is coming down the road!
Their parade spot was 119

My boys!

Looking good

A dalmation on a fire truck!

Here comes the Big Man himself!

Merry Christmas!

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