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Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Very Happy Christmas Eve

Tonight we had a dinner with friends and neighbors !

Sarah Elizabeth brought her parents.
She enjoyed playing on Lon and with the stuffed animals
The ones that made noise were wonderful fun!!

We had a different menu than normal and it turned out great! We had ham, a southern corn  souffle, wild rice pilaf and potatoes au gratin.  The rice was really good. I am going to make that again!

What made it really wonderful was the friends we shared dinner with!

After dinner,  Lon got to open a one present.
He chose the one from his friend Autzen.

WOW. A BIG plasma ball! How cool  is that!!

He had to try it! It is really super cool!

Because there was a special request to open the present from Mrs. Sarah.  She wanted to us to open it before Christmas.    (Mrs. Sarah used to be Miss Sarah, but now she is married.)
Cookies in a jar! How cool is this!? We are looking forward to making these!

The handled mason jar looks like something I am going to use again!  Thank you Mrs. Sarah!

I am thinking of this for a Christmas card for next year...

Lon showing Grammalyn where Santa was, according to NORAD.  At that moment he was over the Salvador Bahia, Brasil!

Time to make the overnight french toast, get the coffee set up and the camera charged.  Tomorrow is going to be wonderful!

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