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Saturday, December 26, 2015

James Island County Light Festival

Today, we finally had time to go to see the lights!

We packed a snack box. I love this box, we got this from a secret Elf!   The elf left this on our doorstep with some wonderful goodies in it for the holidays.

It was almost 80 degrees but he wanted to wear his new R2D2 hat

Here we go!

 I am going to post lots of pictures of lights for you to enjoy!

Rainbow Row

Through the light tunnel

Star Tunnel

I love the flamingos!

On our second pass though, parking Lot A was open ! We stopped ! While Lon was in line for Smores. I went up and got this year's ornament.  I made it back in time to watch Lon enjoy his smore!

I could not resist the ginger bread house

Dino land

One of my favorite displays

The owl winks

Happy New Year!

The moon! It was gorgeous tonight.

We love the James Island Lights!

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