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Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Day started for us at 6:30 am. Not so bad.

Lon, of course, had the most thing to unwrap !

Dad and Grammalyn also had presents to open! Mom did too, but I was holding the camera

Having so much fun!

Santa gave him a Death Star waffle maker. He was not sure what to do with is. I am sure we will figure it out together one morning

Another lego! I do not think he has ever gotten a duplicate lego!

Scout is very fond of the wrapping paper pile!

Lon and I got Mark an original oil painting of Edisto beach!

Our start of South Carolina Art!

A toothbrush? really mom? really?

Presents all opened.Joy had been spread.
Time to eat!
 we had french toast and bacon.
Ranger getting in on all the wrapping paper fun!

This is Scout's paper pile. Do not move it. Do not ever touch it, it's all mine.

Drawing a picture for Dad on the hood of his car!  Getting ready to go to Church

A family picture!

Yes, it was 78 degrees!

The inside Creche, it is beautiful

Our church is so pretty at Christmas!

Lighting a candle

After Church it was a quiet afternoon, we watched the Minions movie. It was very relaxing!

Family dinner. Roast beef, broccoli and baked potato.  We had a some corn souffle left over and we had some of that too.

It was a good Christmas Day!

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