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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

December Folly

Today we had nothing planned.  Grammalyn was back in Connecticut and Grandma was not due until tomorrow.  We could clean house, we could just hang out. But we decided to go to Folly Beach since it was going to be 80 degrees!  Yes, today December 29!

We were hoping the clouds would lift

We did not notice at first but someone was having a photo shoot under the pier, so we did not go that way.  We called Lon back as soon as we saw what was happening.

The light was beautiful

Looking through the strata to find something interesting

Watching a small leaf float down.

These pugs were super friends. The little black one loved Lon. She was sorry to see him go

We heard you could find shark teeth on the beach. We started looking. Lon actually found a tiny shark tooth. Mommy said I will keep it in my pocket to keep it safe.
Mommy has lost the tiny tooth.  I am not happy about that.
we really did walk that far down the beach

The view of Charleston on our way home

It was such a fun day, even if the sun was hiding!

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