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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Third Thursday November

We got an early start on our Third Thursday adventure.
We stopped by the quilt shop to see my gingerbread trail entry. I did not win, but I gave it a good effort. Next year might not be so humid.
We stopped inside and got Grinch Advent calendar to sew. Mark picked out some fabric for me to make myself a dress.

We stopped by Montrose for dinner.

This gingerbread creation is about Albino Kangaroos in Australia. We could not read the story as the type was small. Reading it through the window distorted it a bit too. I will have to look up the story on line.

We saw some wonderful art at the gallery on Short Central.   I think we have found some Christmas presents there.

This Third Thursday was the least attended I have seen.  We enjoyed ourselves but no one was there!

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