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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Meet Sabi-- Updated with Sad News

While Lon and I were enjoying Middleton Place, Mark took the time to go shopping. When he got home from the store he noticed something in the street near our house. He thought it was some kind of construction debris.
A construction van headed up the street, stopped and went around the tiny lump.

Then Mark saw it raise it's head.  It's a kitten!  Mark was not sure what to do with it. It did not look good and could not use it's hind legs. It was dragging itself across the street.  Mark got a towel and wrapped it up tight and took it to our vet.

The vet did not think it looked good either.

The vet called Mark a little while later.  He thought the poor little thing did not make it.  This was not the case at all!  It was a girl, she had no broken bones of any kind. Very dehydrated, and very very hungry.  The vet said she probably would not have survived the night had Mark not rescued her.

Mark wanted to know if we wanted to meet her.  Of course we said yes.  On the way home from Middleton Place to pick up Mark, Lon and I were thinking up names.  We needed something that went with our Lone Ranger theme. (Scout was Tonto's horse, and Ranger) All we knew at this point was this baby was a girl.   We did not have a clue on what she looked like.  If she is grey, we can call her Silver, if she is a calico, we could call her Hiho. We came up with Kemosabi.  We liked just the Sabi part, but we had to see what she looked like, if the name fit or not.

FINALLY we got Mark and made it to the vet's office.

She is tiny and all black.  Sabi fits her just fine.
She had construction dirt on her paws and sides. It should come out with a bath. They did not want to give her a bath yet, not until she is a little stronger

She may be tiny but she is fierce.  And a fighter, she really wants to live.
She cuddled up in my arms, snuggled her head into my neck and started to purr and kneed.   How on earth could I say no to that?  Not that I was inclined that way before anyway.

Since we had plans that involved leaving the house tonight, the kitten will stay with the vet. She needs little bits of food every couple hours. She has not had food in a while.

I am going to pick her up on Monday.

Yay for Mark for saving a life!

Sabi had a seizure this morning, Sunday the 15th of November and passed away.  She was safe, warm and had food in her tummy. She knew we were all trying to help her.

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