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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Fifth Grade Thanksgiving Treats

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving was a busy one at Lon's school. 
First we had Passport Club Check for the month of November. It was fun to see the kids and watch them show me what the learned about the countries of the world.   
Then Lon's class had a Thanksgiving Treat for the last hour of class.  I volunteered to come in and help. I cut up the pies, his teacher brought in three, a chocolate cream, an apple and a pumpkin. They also had cookies, sugar and chocolate chip and cheese and crackers. They could have lemonade or sweet tea. It was quite a spread. I was in charge of cutting the pies and serving them.Making sure the kids took only two cookies or one and one slice of pie.  I was also in charge of squrity cream. You know, canned whipped cream.  An entire room of fifth graders is going to go home and call it that. I am proud of that

I asked the kids if they wanted squirty cream on their cookies.  A few looked at me like I was crazy but the majority of them thought that was the most wonderful idea ! 

While the kids were eating, they watched a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.  It was good seeing that again. 

Lon got to leave with me 5 minutes early! No car rider line. That is something to be truly thankful for! 

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