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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Baby Shower Fun

Saturday afternoon our neighbor had her baby shower. She is going to have a baby girl any time now.

LOTS of yummy Filipino food!

Mark tossed the football with the kids

Shower games! Guess the size of the bump!  This time I was too short.  The lady who won was spot on!

Treats table! There were also cake pops and candy on another table.  So many yummies!
Pop the ballons!

Lining up by size

Little Miss Girl!
She is so adorable.

The balloons were not so kind to Lon but he did eventually break a couple.

He was having a great time, as we all did.

We won the diaper raffle. Everyone who brought a packet of diapers was entered into a raffle. Mark and I have a gift certificate to Logan's Steakhouse. That will be fun

Lon watched movies with the other kids and then we had to go home.

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