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Friday, November 27, 2015

Creche Festival

I signed up for the Creche Festival when the tickets became available. I thought today would be a perfect day to do this. And it was!  Our tickets were for 11am.  We left about 10 to make it out to Mepkin Abbey on time.
This sheep is part of a Creche made from found urban materials. Lon loves this sheep.

The next to the last one outside. There are 7 outside.
This is the one of the first Creches you see when you get into the library. We loved the new addition, the monk on the tractor! I am amazed at how detailed the faces are, they are so small
Some of them are so beautifully simple.

Checking out the Creche from China, it was made of Karma wood. I have not heard of that

This Creche was made form old auto parts

This was so amazingly detailed. They even had a devil in chains.  The booklet said they worked on it for over two years.  I thought it would be much longer

Even the back is detailed.
There was so much to see on this Creche!

This one, from Portugal, was my favorite. Mary changing the baby Jesus.  It makes Him seem more human, in ways I never thought about before.

These little short fat Ecuadorans remind me of me!   They make me smile.

These lovely ladies were part of a large Creche, I think from France.

The Holy Family

Last one from this Creche

The oyster shell Creche was the fan favorite from last year.  I think this was the only one they put out from last year.

This Creche was called Under the Onion Dome

A little closer

I love the cat and dog by the manger

That was the Creche Festival. It was wonderful. I think this will be a tradition now, going to the Creche Festival the day after Thanksgiving.

We did get some hot chocolate and cookies on the back porch.  I bought this at the Creche store. A color by number advent calendar. This looks like it will be so much fun.

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