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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Harbor Cruise

Two of Mark's office co-workers had 30 years each with the company.  Boeing lets them pick a venue to take the team out to lunch.  They decided to pool their money and book a harbor cruise for the team. The spouses were extra, but it was worth it!

Our cruise started boarding at 6:30, we got to Patriot's Point a little early.  The Yorktown at sunset was beautiful.

The Ravenel Bridge.

Taken from the deck of our boat as we were underway.  Mark took this one.

Mark had the Sweet Tea Brined Pork Chop. He said it was a little salty, but other than that it was good.  I had the Southern Chicken Saltimbuco. It was good.  The Carolina Red Rice was a little too spicey for me, but the green beans were good.  My only problem was I ate so much at the baby shower! Mark had the key lime pie for dessert, and I had tried the chocolate coconut torte. Well, it was not a torte. It was fudge with coconut. hmmm. Next time I will ask more questions.


During dinner a man had a panic attack and we had to go back to the dock.  He was taken to the hospital and we continued the cruise.

under the bridge

it was a fun evening.

We are going to do that again. maybe in the summer so we can see the sunset over the water or the Fourth of July for the fireworks

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