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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lego Camp

One of the best things Santa brought Lon was signing him up for Lego camp! It was a mini Lego camp. Three afternoons during break from 1 to 4 in the afternoon.  Lon was so very excited about it.
Today was the last day and he wanted me to come in a little early so I could see the walker he built.  I did.
The walker. The instructor told me that Lon built it very differently from everyone else. She also said it worked better than everyone elses. NICE.
Playing well with others.
Getting ready to battle.
Battling Legos!
Sorting out the pieces during clean up
The last circle. After clean up the instructor goes over what they were taught and helps them remember.  Lon had a great time during Lego camp.  He can't wait to go again!!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas, 2011!

It was such a fun day!
Proof positive that Santa exists and was here! Cookies and milk are gone and the carrot has been nibbled. Not to mention the packages in red with snowman ribbons on them. Mark did not think Lon would remember the ribbon, Lon did comment that this year he was much better at undoing the ribbon than he had been in the past.
He thinks he knows what this is! Santa has come through when Mommy said it was impossible! Santa ROCKS
It is! It is!! The Millennium Falcon! He is SO excited!! Love my little geek!
Presents have been all opened, it took about an hour. Now it is time to build these legos!
Special Pancakes for today! With the red and green mini chocolate chips.
Look Mom, I have already built part of my space station lego!  I LOVE this!
He got a chirpy whistle. It sounds pretty cool for a whistle. I sort of even like it.  He took a break from Legos to play that.
Our dinner about to go into the oven!
Our table. Rob did the lettuce leaves and Mark did the water glasses. 
Our dinner is done and ready to serve! So I did. It was a good roast.  Mark is happy we have leftovers this year. 
I did not get any photos during dinner or as we were sitting around the table talking.

Grace and Lon playing Legos after dinner.
It was a wonderful Christmas Day.  

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Santa Preview

Lon took a very long time to fall asleep.  Long enough for me to get the kitchen clean and scrub the floors. I doubt anyone will notice the clean sparkly floor though!
One very well loved family!  The red ones are all from Santa. We know Santa only brings packages in red paper with snowman ribbons. It is his thing.
Sleeping. Finally. Trying to sleep very lightly, but not really doing it. I am sure he will be up SUPER early.  This is so much fun
The Christmas cake, and coffee. I have the coffee already to go in the machine, I think we might need it.   I think I might be as excited as Lon is, well okay, no one is that excited.   And yes, that is a Christmas clock. It chimes Christmas carols!

Christmas Lights

Tonight we went out to see the Christmas lights around town. Not too many pictures of Lon in this blog, just some nice light displays.
It blinks too!
This is the house that has its own radio station! The lights are synchronized with the music. It is wonderful!
Mark and Lon taking video of the house
A house near Holy Family
We got home and Lon put out the cookies, candy cane and carrot for Santa and his reindeer!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Gingerbread House

Today was also the day we made the gingerbread house!  We had one we did not make from last year, but sadly, it got broken in storage and it was a little damp too. Even though it was stored in two layers of plastic. Teach me to get one at the after Christmas sales!   We ran up and got the last one they had at Albertsons.
Sorting all the candies. Even though the gingerbread was not workable, the candy was just fine.
Doing a test run of where the little person, snowman and tree should go. Yes, the house is all hot glued together. The frosting stuff just does not work well or hold as fast.
Adding the decorations to the cookies.
It is starting to look like a gingerbread house!
His finished work. Since we used hot glue for some of it,  Lon would tell me where things should go and I would glue them in.  It was fun.


We had plans to meet up with friends today. We were going to Molbaks to look around and get the boys pictures taken with the poinsettia tree. Sadly, those plans fell through.  This did not mean that Lon and I would not go there anyway.   We did.  It was fun, just not as fun as it could have been!
Lon picking out pieces he wants for our New England Village set.  We did not get them, yet!
Lon doing what he does best! Being goofy!
The annual photo with the poinsettias.  I like this year they put white ones in the tree. Only on one side though, so those who do not want them can have photos without.
Lon was trying to tell me I needed the raccoon figure. It would be really fun to have it.  It would, but not right now.  It was fun seeing all the great stuff at Molbaks, even though we did not buy anything. They did not have my snowman bird feeder.  I am still looking for that!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A visit from Miss Lindsay!

Last night, Lon and I went to the airport to pick up Miss Lindsay! She was stopping in for a visit on her way from Hawaii to Alaska.  We are so happy she stopped by!
When I woke up, I thought we should do something fun, but still restful. Not having to go out somewhere.  Lon wanted to have chocolate cupcakes for Christmas dinner. I just got a cake pan that made cupcakes in the shape of trees.  While the younger ones were still asleep, I made the tree cupcakes, and got pancake batter ready.
While we ate yummy pancakes, the tree cupcakes cooled enough to be frosted.
Working hard on make the cupcakes look like trees!
We have LOTS of sprinkles!
Our trees! Can you tell which two Lon made?
Trying to get a good picture of Lon and Lindsay, Lon is being goofy!
A good one!  We are so happy we got to spend the day with Miss Lindsay. 

Our cookie tray 2011

Cookie trays this year! Cookies we made, rugelach, 2 batches each with a different jam (apricot and raspberry), Mince tarts, pecan tassies, princess tassies (marzipan and raspberry), Indian spiced, almond joy, coconut haystacks, marscapone cookies (again, two jams), gingerbread stars and girls and boys, chocolate peppermint bonbons, pick me up drops, pistachio coins, Christmas biscotti, date moons, russian teacakes and baklava.  Whew! and they are ALL good!

find a cat

Can you find the cat?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Snowflake Lane

Tonight, Lon and I went to Snowflake Lane at Bell Square.  It was fun! We left the house around 6, the festivities started at 7pm.  I knew parking would be an problem. I briefly considered taking the bus, but it would be after dark and with Lon I did not think that was the best idea.
Yep, they have it snow there!
Watching the snow come down as we waited. We were not sure what exactly we were waiting for.
Here they come! The drummers!
Letting us know where the drummer was going to have to walk up, and to stand clear.
Christmas Characters parading down the sidewalk. This might not be the best photo, but Lon wanted me to show the characters.  They gave him a candy cane tootsie pop. 
Rudolph's nose blinked! Mommy! It blinked!! He loved that. And yes, it was super crowded.
Watching the drummer
They were great drummers.  They drummed along to a classic carols. We were singing along with the ones we knew.
My very own little drummer boy.  I got him a cup of hot chocolate for on the way home. We went to the Nordstrom Espresso stand that is close to the back parking lot. The barista was very nice to Lon.