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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween's Eve

Today was a BUSY day! We made the mini cupcakes for class tomorrow, boiled the eggs to make deviled eggs in the morning, got the pot roast in the crock pot. I had some left over cake batter from making the mini cupcakes, so I made a round cake for Lon to decorate anyway he wanted.
He wanted to wear his ghost towel over his jammies.  I had a bunch of frosting left over in the freezer and he might as well use it up!
Picking out the right tips to make it just the way he wanted it
The first time it was finished. I helped Lon make the swirls.
There was more frosting! There must be more decorating to do! I think there might be more frosting than cake.
Pumpkins carved to Lon's specifications. Two years from now, I think I will let him carve them all by himself. Not sure I want to give him a knife just yet.
Our little pumpkins!
Then it was time to get ready to go downtown. I read about downtown trick or treat in the little local paper. It was 3 to 5 pm today, and noon to 3 tomorrow.  It was not raining and it sounded like fun!
Lon is ready to conquer the treats!
Starbucks was among the local businesses participating in the festivities! Every business that was involved had a flyer in the window, so we only went to those. The banks were participating, but only on Monday.
Some business owners were out on the sidewalks handing out the candy
Some you had to go in to the shop
Some people really got into the spirit!
Back at home, back in jammies, sorting through the haul! There were very few candies that Lon could not have (too chewy) and very few he did not want. He had a great time. We spent over an hour and  a half walking all over downtown Kirkland. It was fun!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Sunny Fall Saturday!

Today was a nice day. We had no real plans for the day, but we did not want to stay home! We thought walking around downtown sounded like fun, and it was!  We started out at Lake Side Jewelery store, getting the very last of my gems set.
The cow and coyote were getting into the Halloween spirit.
We looked the the Christmas Chalet store. We all liked the musical snow globe. What you don't see in the photo is the train that goes around the base.
Beautiful carved candles. We were wondering if Cousin Laura could make these... Mark is showing his hand next to it to give her a scale.
We walked around the bead store. I will go back there, later. We went to Sur La Table too. Love that shop, but we did not buy anything. Say a glass sushi ornament that was really cute.
He still likes climbing on the bunnies!
Our next stop was Zeke's Pizza. We all enjoyed the pizza.  Lon ate about as much as I did!
Spending time in Kirkland with Lon always includes a trip to Eastside Trains.  We bought the expansion pack for our Christmas train. I know, way early.
Another fun statue. Lon read the plaque. Fine Feathered Friends. Good Job Lon.
Daddy wanted to look more at a rock shop, so Lon and I walked over to Marina Park. Lon, of course, ran around on the beach. He did not get wet!
He was thinking about it though. There was this leaf in the water. Wouldn't it be cool to see what it looked like out of the water and up close?  Well, it might, but we do not have a change of shoes for you. So, no.
Our last stop was Sirena Gelato. They had two seasonal flavors, eggnog and pumpkin pie. I was not sure about pumpkin pie.  It was very very good. I got a hand pack pint to take home!  Lon had Oreo and cappuccino.  Since I was taking pumpkin pie home, I had pineapple and coconut, Mark had coconut and mango. They were all very wonderful.
We had a fun day downtown. It is good, sometimes, not to have a plan.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Farm at Swans

Today Lon did not want to go to school.  Well, until I told him it was early release day and we could go up to the Farm, see the animals, get a pumpkin or two, and have some fun. But if he stayed home we could not go. He got up, ate breakfast and we were on our way to school! 
After school, we went directly to the Farm. I took one wrong turn, but we found it just fine. Once we got there, our first stop was the hayride. Today was no charge for the hayride. They would go and drop people off at the corn maze entrance, we just went along for the ride. It got cold on the wagon! I bundled Lon up in my coat. We love hayrides.
Next year we will do the corn maze. This corn is actually high enough to be a maze! It is in the shape of the state of Washington. The paths through the maze are the roads of the state, the intersections are marked with town names. It is pretty cool.
We went to see the animals! They had kittens. Lon really enjoyed petting the kitten. He liked that the kitten's ears curled up like horns. This kitten was CUTE!
The furball Lon is looking at is actually 5 three week only baby bunnies. So tiny, so cute. Bunnies are adorable, and I love looking at them, but we are not going to  get a bunny as a pet. Ever.
The tractor beckoned. Lon was trying to see if he could take the brake off and get it started. He wanted to take a ride!
Running on the hay. I am not sure what those hay rolls are called, maybe just hay rolls.
Rubber ducks to push down to the other end. Water is not really as much fun when it is cold, but it is still fun.
Upstairs in the hay maze. Lon ran the hay maze 11 times.  ELEVEN
Lon loves this slide.
At the end of the slide
We took a break for some hot cocoa and a cinnamon roll. I had some hot apple cider. Lon tried it, and liked it!  Lon drank all his cocoa too. He said I really should put lots of whipped cream on his when I make him some more of it at home. And sprinkles. 
A sluice box, of sorts. It was a smooth run. They did have gold pans and a pond, but it was really cold.  He still wants to do more gold panning.
These slides are so cool! They are bouncey and fun! Three different lengths, Lon rode down all of them several times.
Lon in the slide.
On our way to pick out a pumpkin
I got one Mom! I will carry it back to our wheel barrow.  Lon picked out 5 pumpkins. Two to carve and three little ones for his wooden decorations. The ones we got in Virginia when he was very little.  Yes, Mom, we still love them and put them up every year!
Our happy little pumpkins! And since they were from the Farm, they are fresh and inexpensive!  They do not weigh them. When you check out your pumpkins, your cashier looks at them and tells you this is a 3 dollar pumpkin or a 5 dollar pumpkin. All ours came to 18 dollars, total. I liked that.
We put the pumpkins in the car. We had to bring the wheel barrow back, it is the nice thing to do. We saw a rainbow! 
We had to take one last look at the piglets! 5 days old! Lon still loves piglets.  There were 9 piglets with their mother.
Love this photo. There was no noise. Maybe he was just yawning.
The two Highland cows.
Lon named them Hamish and Claire.  Hamish after the Highland cow in a book from his Godmother. Lon does not think this cow has ever eaten toffees though. I have no idea why he called the other one Claire.
It was time to go home. We spent almost 3 hours on the Farm. Seeing and doing everything we could.   On the way home we were both hungry, so we stopped at McDonalds. Lon said it was because I am awesome.  After we got home and unloaded the car it was straight into the bathtub for Lon!  He did his homework, then off to bed. He had a busy day. He told me it was not a good day, it was an AWESOME day. He really likes the word awesome.

To find out more about the farm, and get directions for your own adventure go here:

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dr. Maze's Pumpkin Patch

Today was a busy! Some of it was super fun, other parts, not so much. The not so much part was when we dropped Daddy off at the airport. He only takes one business trip a year, and this is it. We were already missing him when we pulled away from the drop off area.  We drove to Crossroads, dropped off our mail in ballots. Lon wanted some Cold Stone ice cream. I got some too, thought it would be good. Pineapple frozen yogurt, and I mixed in raspberries.  It would have been good if it had a pineapple taste to the frozen yogurt and was not grainy.   Lon said his was really good.  We got home about 15 minutes before Auntie Michelle, Brian and Kayla came over for the super fun part of our day!
We went to Dr. Maze's Pumpkin Patch. It used to be known as the South 47 Farm. They are back to having a corn maze, pumpkins to buy and the hay ride. Lon still loves the hayride.  We parked pretty far away, and we saw someone pushing back a wheel barrow. I told him I would be happy to take it back for him. He was happy about that! I loaded up the children and pushed them to the farm.  All the kids rode, not just Lon. Since I was pushing, I could to get that photo!  Lon really liked that ride.
We bought tickets and got in the long line for the hayride.  The kids would wander away and come back. We had to wait two rides to get ours. About 40 minutes. That was a long time for little kids! But they were good.
In front of the John Deere. 
Lon likes these silly things, but then again, so do I!  It was just hard to catch him smiling, the sun was in his eyes
With the pumpkin people
Pumping water ROCKS! Why, I am unclear.
A small maze for the kids that the hops did not grow to cover.  Notice how when Lon got stuck he just went through. He would not ever call 911 when he was lost in a corn maze.  (there was a family that did just that a few days ago.) Just go through the corn!
FINALLY on the wagon!  Having fun watching the farm go bumping by
Pumpkin picture!
The stunted corn maze. It really was a lousy summer!
King of the Hay Bales!
We left just a little bit later. Brian and Lon played cars. Kayla had a little nap before dinner. I made spaghetti and meatballs. Salad and bread. It was good.  We had a great day!