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Friday, February 29, 2008

Final Splash!

Kid Quest Museum with Miss Gracie!

Today, Lon and I met Miss Gracie and her Mommy at the Kid Quest Children's Museum at Factoria Mall. I looked at the brochure first, and noticed there was a water feature play area. I brought additional clothes for Lon.

Open Open Open!

Water water EVERYWHERE!

There was a place to build bridges, or take them apart. Lon did both. He took apart the suspension bridge, then rebuilt it!

um, Lon what are we looking at?

It's water! And this is what happens when you put a ball in the whirlpool thingy, it stops. Isn't water cool?

After playing in the water, he went to play in the construction site. Lon is Mr. Safety. I like it!

In the backyard area, building a puzzle.

Miss Gracie in the trees


Trucks on the street carpet. How cool is this?

Mr. Lon Krupa

Some final splashing!

After the fun day-- we were there for hours. First, we changed clothes. We went to Goldberg's Famous Deli. SO GOOD.It took us forever to figure out what to order. Lon and Gracie were about done with their meal when we finally decided. Megan and I split a blintz (not as yummy as mine, thank you), a potato pancake, which was yummy, but it was a ball of potato goodness deep fried. Not what I was expecting, but yummy. I had the cabbage borscht, I LOVED it. Just a little spicy, oh so good... I had the ruben as my entree sandwich. Okay, I took 3/4 of that home. As there was just SO MUCH FOOD. We are planning on going again, which is good because there are many many more things on the menu that I really have to try. At the hostess desk, they had ZOTS! How cool is that? I have not seen ZOTS in ages and ages. My sister loved those silly candies. I think I might have to send her a strip. On the way out the door, Uncle Vasu called! From the Mumbia Airport. Yes, all the way from India. His plane lands tomorrow afternoon. We are looking forward to seeing him. Lon is insisting on coming to the airport with me. We will let you know what happens.

Will Wonders Never Cease?

Today, on my front step, was a large box from Zooper. The new frame! I put it together tonight. Tomorrow we walk! The only down side, they did not put in new instructions on how to put it together. However, being the saver type I am, I still had the instructions, in a case, in the cargo compartment of the stroller! I hope this works!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Surprise, Suprise, Surprise!

I was pretty amazed today when I received a phone call from Lan Enterprises (aka Zooper stroller)
He said that he did have another solution to my problem. I could get a new frame, I would have to pay for it, but they did have a frame from a 2005 Boogie and it would not be very much. Shipping would be free. There is a bonus. So the new frame is on its way and I will be superlatively happy if this works!
I will keep you posted.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bad Stroller

Today was the last straw with my stroller. This is a copy of the letter I sent to the company. I doubt I will hear back from them. If I do, I will let you know.

February 26, 2005

Susan Sokolowski

Lan Enterprises, LLC
10140 SW Allen Blvd, Suite E
Beaverton, OR 97005

To Whom It May Concern:

I purchased a Zooper Boogie Stroller from your company in 2005. I LOVED my stroller. Until last year, the front wheel started acting up. I tried all sorts of things, more air in the tires, less air in the tires, etc. However, it kept getting worse. I tried contacting the company by email. No return email. I called, several times; mostly I got voice mail, which was NEVER returned. I did finally talk to a person. She was very nice. She sent the wrong wheel. I ordered a side wheel, a front wheel was sent. I had the side wheel repaired at a bicycle shop. The front wheel continued to act up. It pulls to the left, which has gotten progressively worse. It will also turn to the left so the stroller cannot move forward. I continued to call, and continued to get no response. I took my boogie back to the bicycle shop. They diagnosed the problem as a bad bearing. They could not fix it, as they cannot get into the housing. I called customer service again today. I did get a person! That was nice. He told me I could bring the stroller in, at the Portland location. He said something about it not being that far away. He said he would look into my problem, see if there was a way to get it fixed and get back to me today. (I have not received a return call) He did mention that he did not think my stroller was repairable, as the front wheel housing is all one piece with the frame. I did a lot of research on what type of stroller to buy. I wanted something that could be used on trails, on the beach. We are an active Northwest family. I am amazed that a company doing business in Portland would do something so environmentally unfriendly. To make a stroller that when one small part goes bad, the entire stroller has to be put into the landfill, because the design is such that it cannot be repaired.
When I first used my stroller I told everyone I knew what a great stroller I had. I am sorry that the combination of poor customer service and poor design made me change my mind.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

It was a year ago today.....

Today we celebrated Mark, aka Daddy!

We had lots of yummy food...

Even a cake!

There were good friends who helped us celebrate!

Spike was holding his own with the big boys.

It was nice to see everyone. The weather cooperated, and we spent most of the afternoon outside.

We are going to do this again next year!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Random Acts of Gardening

Uncle Vasu is in India this month. Or somewhere on his honeymoon! When Mark and I went up to check on his place, the garden in the front of his house bugged me. It is not something nice to come home to. I have been thinking about it and today, Lon and I did a random act of gardening.

Lon wanted to ride in his wagon. I thought it would be easier in the wagon to get all we needed up to Uncle Vasus. We waited till 10:20 to let it warm up a little. It was 27 when we woke up, by 10, it was 51. We loaded up our garden tools and off we went!

Our first stop was at Safeway to get the flowers. I was going to get 10, but Lon insisted on eleventeen, and two pots of tete a tete daffodil ls. We also got a cabby patty at Mrs. Carolines. (Sweet Caroline's Chocolate Shop -inside Party for less. THE best pastries, coffee and chocolate around!)

The state of the front yard garden. Sad.

Lon found my camera and took a bunch of photos. There were two that showed me working on the garden. There were some of the front of the garage, his shoes, the side walk. Fun stuff.

Done! At least it looks a little better, there are spots of color now. There were rotting leaves covering some of the bulbs coming up. It was nice to get those cleared out. The thing I forgot was my whisk broom, I wish I would have remembered that as it would have been nice to get some of the dirt off the sidewalk. (P.s. I went back the next day and took my broom and swept the sidewalk)

Let's go home! I did not realize we were gone for almost exactly 4 hours! We also walked 4.93 miles today. The wagon is heavy! Lon likes it. I think it will be good to go to the beach with, but up to Uncle Vasu's, I am pushing the stroller. Up that hill... it was tough!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Today at Goosepoop Park

After lunch Mark asked me if I was going to take a walk today, it was a glorious day. I was thinking that would be nice, a family walk. I said SURE! Lon said GOOSEPOOP PARK! Mark then said, well good, I am going to take a nap. Lon and walked to Juanita Beach Park. I walked, Lon rode in style. The day was wonderful, about 54 degrees, hardly any clouds. I put my little pedometer on. It was so happy to finally be getting some use! The walk, chasing Lon around the park, I logged 4.14 miles today. WHOOHOOO!

The slide is always fun!

Chasing Lon. Always running after Lon!

The swings are always good.
It was interesting listening to everyone at the park. Who knew our little suburb was so international? We were in the swings next to a gentleman and his daughter from Denmark. A gorgeous women and her family, speaking Italian. A family from London, a family from Guatemala, a family from Russia. There were lots more people in the park we did not get a chance to talk to... maybe next time.

Happy Valentine's Day to YOU!

Happy Valentines Day!

These are Chocolate Sugar Cookies, from Paula Deen. They are VERY yummy!

Lon helped make the cookies!

The final look. The sprinkles are all Lon! Sprinkles are good.

Last Saturday at Downtown Park

I will admit it. I am slightly, just slightly behind in my blogging.

This jelly roll cloud formation was really interesting. The pictures of course, do not do it justice. We too advantage of the nice day and went to down town park

I can climb the ladder all by myself!

Doubly photographed! Daddy is making a movie and Mommy is snapping stills. Lon will have lots of pictures of his childhood!

Climbing the ladder is one of the MOST favorite things!

We saw one of our friends from last summer's swim classes! Jasmine and her brother Mo. It was fun to see them again.

By now, I was freezing! It was cold. Lon was also cold, but playing at downtown park was so much fun! We did get back in the car without any fuss, since it was Sunday, it was Fred Meyer Day! That is also very fun!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy Year of the Mouse!

No, that was not a misprint. The Year of the Mouse is Nepali. Mrs. Kalpana brought back this great outfit for Lon.

Back to the Village

Lon and I went back to Country Village! We needed to get a birthday present. Toys that Teach is a great store. Lon reminded me to bring quarters to feed the ducks.

Lon had to get the corn out of the machine ALL BY HIMS SELF

Here they come a waddling.. They know the sound of the machine. The ducks got out of the water and surrounded Lon!

To my happiness, Lon did not jump into the water after the ducks and geese.

Lon had fun, we got the birthday present we needed and an Easter present for someone. Ada's Polish Pottery is a wonderful shop. They thought Lon was adorable and he was well behaved. He kept saying this is a no touch shop. no touch. I not touch. no touch. Perhaps I over emphasized the no touch aspect of the shop.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Happy Birthday, Victoria!

Today was Miss Victoria's 3rd birthday! It was a dress up party. Lon wore his tuxedo. This was the second and last time he can wear the suit. He is growing!

Miss Victoria and Miss Gracie in dress up clothes! Gracie was not ready to be a bride and she took off the dress as soon as she could! Put her pretty blue dress back on.

Mr. Cool.

Lon was very impressed that Victoria has a bike she can ride INSIDE!

Playing kitchen with Spike (AKA Baby Brian!)

Telling Auntie Michelle how the kitchen works. It is all very technical.

Reading stories in Victoria's loft.

Snack time. Dino nuggets! Grapes! Carrots and ranch dip! Apple Juice! The best toddler meal ever!

Victoria and her princess cake! She had a carrot cake with cheesecake filling. Super Yummy!

Lon wanted seconds on cake!

SPIKE! and Auntie Michelle

Time to open presents!

Look, Mommy, it's a snake! Did I scare you? It is really cool!

Maddie, Gracie's older sister models he cool new mask!

After presents, Julie got out a package of beads and some string and the kids strung necklaces. They had a grand time.

Our little man was asleep before we got out of the subdivision. He had lots of fun. Thank you, Miss Victoria for hosting such a great birthday!