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Sunday, November 09, 2014

The End of a Busy Weekend!

Of course the busy Saturday was followed up by a busy Sunday!  Sadly, Mark worked all night and finally got to get into bed about the time we were going to church.  Lon and I just made it to Faith Formation, we were running late. After church, we went grocery shopping. That was very fun, I love shopping with Lon.
We heard about the Taste of the Town.  I am not sure if this was the first year or not
There was a charge for every taste and the bounce houses had a wrist band for unlimited use. Lon chose to pass on the bounce houses, as we only had an hour
Famulari's pizza had a booth, so Lon was happy.
It was not very big this year, but there was enough to keep us fed!
Lon tried the apple stuffed french toast, he said it would have been better if it was more inside and not as much crust.
One of the best things we tried was the teriyaki steak tips over rice from Logan's steak house. We also enjoyed the arancini from Italy (a stuffed rice ball).
It was time to get to scouts!  Getting ready for the Webloree this upcoming weekend.

Working hard on the front of his shirt.  The boys got to do it, the parents did not help.
Practicing their song for the campout.  I like to hear Lon sing.

It never fails, when we are back behind the church, I get bit by something nasty on my feet and ankles. Today as no exception.  I do not like fire ants.  Next time I have to go there I am going to get some serious boots!

We got home after 4,  Daddy was awake and happy. He made chili the day before, so it was ready to eat tonight for dinner.
Another good day.   We are ready to start the week!

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