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Sunday, November 02, 2014

Coastal Carolina Fair 2014

After church today we decided to go to the Fair !
Waiting in line for entrance tickets. It was cold for South Carolina. 53 degrees.  The line moved quickly.
Looking at all the fun informational booths.  Lon got his own bag to carry his stuff around in.  The little 6 inch rulers are great!
The sand sculpture.  Over the course of the fair it will be finished.  We will keep taking pictures as it progresses!
We looked at the horticultural building. Lon was fascinated with the miniature flower arrangements.
Looking at butterflies. Learning a little about how to attract them
Looking at the quilts and sewing. There were some Lego sculptures that Lon thinks he can easily make.  We have to enter stuff next year.  I talked to someone about entering. Here you just show up at the back door the Saturday before the fair starts.  No pre paper work.  Good to know
Corn dog break.  The lady who shared our table also shared her bloomin onion. The thing was huge, incredibly greasy. It was fun to eat a bit of it, glad we did not buy the entire thing!
Face in the hole!
Happy Mark with his smoked turkey leg!
beauty shot
Happy Happy Mark
After years of telling Lon he would really love funnel cake, he finally tried it. He ate most of it.  He really did like it!
At the Bee City booth.  Lon looking for the Queen Bee
He found the Queen
Learning more about bees.
The plasma lights. Lon loved them.
We went to look at the animals.
The velveteen rabbit!
Cows. Cows are wonderful
Petting the BIG bunny!
They did have goats of all sorts too, but I did not get pictures of them this time. Maybe our next fair visit
Lon had been asking the entire time we were there to go out in the kayak.  After our first trip around the fair, we let him! Getting in his life jacket. The man running the operation said that if he did happen to capsize for some reason, he would be the one to go rescue him.  Cursing the entire time, but he would be the one to do it.
Pushing off
He's off, paddling around the pond
He can control where he is going
uh oh. water, spraying water!  I wonder what he will do!
Get wet, that is what he will do. Get soaking wet. Have a blast doing it too!
Paddling away!
Lon was out there almost half an hour. Which is wonderful. He had a great time. I am thinking we might have to invest in a kayak!
Warming up with some hot chocolate.  We walked around the fair one more time. I did feel bad for Lon being so wet and it was chilly. (48) He took off his wet sweatshirt and I let him wear mine. Which had my camera in the pocket. This was my last photo of this trip to the fair.
We did not do much else! We had a great time at the fair.
Looking forward to going back sometime this week. Maybe Wednesday!

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