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Sunday, November 09, 2014

Busy Saturday!

There was so much going on this Saturday! We fit most of it in though!
We started the day with the boys getting hair cuts!
Then it was off to the market to see what fun we could find there!
Lon found a cinnamon roll, he was very happy with that
we also found some fun ideas for Christmas presents!
Lon got to try the donuts too!
We walked over to Hutchison Square to the Chili cook off. They had some wonderful vendors, and the chili looked great. Got an idea for entering the pie contest next year!
Lon was all about the bounce house.  He ran ahead, and the last thing I heard was, watch my shoes!!  He had a great time in there.
I hope they do the chili cook off next year.
After a quick stop at the Eastern Star yard sale (Lon found some army men he could not live without!)
It was time for lunch. We stopped at Famular's  pizza.    Lon's favorite pizza in Summerville

After our tummies were happy, we went and looked at cars. It is time to get mine replaced.  Lon does not really like the idea, we have had that car longer than we have had him!  But I think once we get a new car with more updated bells and whistles he will like it. I am looking forward to a cd player!
Then we went to Lon's school carnival.  
That was our last stop of the day. It was fun, we bid on some silent auction items that we did not win.  
It was a great day
Scout did not like being home alone all day. This is him sleeping. No, he is not looking at anything, he is asleep.
We played with him for a long time, he was happy to have us all home.

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