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Friday, November 07, 2014

Lon and I at the Fair!

Today Lon and I went to the Coastal Carolina Fair right after school! The fair does not open till 3 pm.  We got to park in the carousel lot! It made getting out of the lot so much easier!
At Walgreens you could purchase tickets in advance, and they were on sale. I got Lon a ride pass. He could go on all the rides as many times as he wanted.  The pass was a good idea as he went on 16 rides!
The sand sculpture.  All finished.
Lon wants to get to the rides as fast as he can!
the little roller coaster, it goes backward. Lon went on this one three times!
Lon now loves the hang gliders! He went on those twice
Swings!  He had a great time on these. He did both versions of this one!
Another fun house!
Bumper cars!!
Pizza break! Usually, the pizza at fairs is not very good. This slice was good.  I had a gyro and we split the lemonade
Ferris Wheel, but he did not go on it
Ice cream to finish up the day!
Well, almost, we also had another lemonade and an elephant ear, (cinnamon sugar)
We walked through the bee area again, and then we both realized we were tired, it was dark and time to go home.
We had a great time.

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