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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Edisto Beach

Saturday was a nice day.  We thought it would be a perfect day to go to the beach!
Lovely day for a drive in the new car!
Hollywood South Carolina.
We are going to have to go back and explore this tiny place. I think the figure head is amazing!
A pretty place
Going over the Intercoastal Waterway.
Edisto Beach State Park
Lon loves the beach!
Lon and Jack having fun in the water. It was 60 degrees
Going to see if he can jump the waves like he did in the summer!

and not going to happen this time!
watching the sea foam

beach rocks
the boys playing
Even though the boys were running around, this little bird just walked down the beach
Changing out of wet pants!
Lon's pants were soaking wet. Good thing we brought a change of clothes this time
We went over to a place called Finns for lunch.  The service was SLOW. very slow. A little more than an hour to get our food. The boys amused themselves with the fish tank, they went next door and each bought a new necklace.
thumb wrestling
and funny faces
once the food came it was good. I had a shrimp po' boy with sweet corn relish. Very tasty.
Lon had flounder, and Mark had the captain's platter.  Jack had chicken fingers.
Hopefully the restaurant will get faster.
This is the mystery tree of Edisto.  It seems that this dead tree gets decorated with all sorts of random things and no one knows who does it or why.
The yard of inflatables.  Just a touch early
We were going to go to Botany Bay, but it was closed for a hunt.  We passed the Edisto museum. We stopped in there. It was a fun little place.
The docent told Lon there was a diorama with a treasure hunt. He was all over that.  Lon found all the items listed. The docent came back and made him show her where they all were.  He really had a good time with that.
It was a fun day. Glad we went!

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