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Friday, November 28, 2014

Creche Festival

About a month ago, I reserved three spots at the Creche Festival. It is a free tour, but you need to reserve a time in advance so they are not overwhelmed, or slow. The festival is held at Mepkin Abbey.  They have been doing this for years.
I thought this would be something wonderful to start the Christmas season.
There are 9 creches outside and 75 in the library. Making a total of 84!
Lon took notes on the ones he liked best
This Creche was made in South Carolina, but they had them from all over the world.
This one was made in Charleston, out of found items. Left over bits and pieces welded together.
This lovely angel is made out of hammered copper. She is from Springfield, Vermont.
This is the whole Creche.
The set was finished just after Brother Edward died, and the person who made the creche, added the camel in his honor.
They added the three brothers this year.
This is from Krakow, Poland
This one is from Arizona
There were groupings of Creches, so it was not just a long line of figures.
These gentlemen are from Lithuania.  I really liked them
Looking at the large Magi and wondering if Mommy could make it.
These little magi are just so adorable.
Mark was enjoying himself too
This is made from a palm stem and oyster shells.

This is made from a steel drum.
Mepkin Abbey is such a pretty place.  I am going to see if we can get another spot to go see this again.
Every year they put out different creches so every year you see different ones.

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